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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Planning - Advertising Penwith College

Renting a camera:
this website is in dollars.
I have found another website for renting out equipment. This website seems alot cheaper and is based in the UK.
To rent this camera it will cost for 3day hire £60 and £200 for a week.
I don't think that we would need to hire it our for a week so to save money I would hire it for 3 days and make sure that you keep track of time and get it all filmed.
these camera are similar to the ones to the ones that we have used in college so we should be familiar with them. Also this website throws in more than just the camera. You receive instructions, two batteries, firewire cable,  charger/power adapter and 4 x pro HDV tapes.
Buying card for the Postcards:  
24 sheets of A4 card

50 sheets of A4 Card

Hayley and I have had our pitch with Martin Tucker and are now on to the planning stage.
We need to plan the Webisodes and Postcards.

So our total budget is going to be:
WHSmith 100 Sheets Premium A4 Card
Hire the Sony HVR Z1 for 3 days
Hire iMac for 3 days
EPSON Stylus SX425W Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer
EPSON T1282 Colour and Black Ink Cartridge Multipack
Total Cost

Because Hayley is better at using Illustrator than me, she has been working on some designs on Illustrator for our Postcards. We have slightly adapted the Postcard idea so that it will fold out and have 8 side all together. It will still have the same information on it and will still be the same size. The only difference is that the information will be more spaced out. We may have come across a slight problem because if the card is too thick then it wont crease properly and the postcards will just keep opening out. We are going to try and find some card that isn't too thick to try and solve this problem. We also thought about putting Velcro spots on it so that it will keep it together, as you can buy strips of it and cut out the sizes you need. I think that this will look less professional than if we just used thinner card so I am hoping to do this.
I have been going through the prospectuses to get all the information about the courses so that we can make sure that all the information we get is correct.

We need to start story boarding the ideas for our Webisodes. When we are creating them we need to keep in mind that they are only going to be 45 seconds long.
We need to include short snappy shots so that it will make it more interesting to watch. I would like to record more footage than we need to that we have a selection of shots that we can put in. Also if something happens in some of the shots we have some others to use instead and we don't have to re-shoot everything again.
We are going to ask to shoot in the lessons that are more active, e.g when people are acting creating art pieces and the drama students are acting. Because we could just end up going to the lesson where they are doing written work and this isn't very good for promoting the courses.
Drama and dance are subjects that there is always something going on so it should be easier to film these ones. Also Art is another one. On the other hand Health&Social we will need to plan more carefully because a lot of their work is written and this isn't very interesting for a webisode that is supposed to attract people to the course.
For both of our Buildings we are going to have a shot of the name on the side of the building.
We have gone around the Zennor building so that we have an idea of what room we want to be in our 45sec clip about Zennor. We have decided on the following rooms: Z305, Z310, Z301, Z212, Z207, Refectory, Reception, Z006, Lecture Theater, Dance and Drama, Catering, Z025 - recording studio. These 12 subjects will have to be 3-4 seconds long to fit into  the 45 seconds. But we also need to include a shot of the outside of the building at the beginning of the webisode in that 45seconds as well

We are going to go and do the same for The Porthcurno Building. This one is going to be harder as this building the way you go around the building isn't as simple as Zennor. Also it is bigger so we will need to include more rooms and subjects
We have been shooting footage for our webisodes about the Zennor building. We concentrated on close up shots and little bits of detail and will do the work with the dolly next week. We are focusing on getting enough footage to edit it together so we have something to show martin on Monday 21st March. Martin is going to ask how the project is going. This helps us gain a client relationship with him and this makes it easier for us to create what he has asked. He can also ask us if he wants anything improving or changing, this will be better to do in the early stages of the project, rather than it being too late.

The meeting has been changed to the 28th March so we are going to have one of the webisodes completed to show Martin. We have been around Porthcurno and have looked at all of the subjects that are taught in there. I have then looked at all the type of shot we can do with the subjects and building.
  • Canteen
  • Sports Hall
  • Fitness Suite
  • Library
  • English
  • Science
  • Maths

For the Canteen shot we are going to pan around it and show the layout of it.
For The Sports hall I would like to get a shot of it through the round window so that it makes it look more interesting. But also have a panning shot so people will get a fell of the size of the hall.
For the Fitness suite we are going to get a shot from standing in the doorway so we can see the whole of the room. We are also going to include close ups of the equipment to show them what is on offer.
For the Library we are going to pan across the
We are going to do the panning around each room like we planned but we are also going to include the Close Ups so that it makes the webisodes more interesting.
Also I would also like to include abstract shots such as looking at things through a window frame. This will make it look more interesting and abstract.

We have created a Powerpoint for Martin Tucker about our ideas.
It includes information about the pro's and con's, budget and swot analysis.

Meetings with Lee - Record Label Logos

Pitching my First Ideas to Lee

I pitched my ideas for my 3 Names and the 3 logos for each name to Lee.

The logo for Unmarked Lee thought looked slightly weird with a CD as the logo as the logo is for a Online Record Company. Even if I use the picture of an MP3 player, in the future the Online record comany may still be going but MP3 may have gone out of fashion. So its best not to use an type of technology in the logo. He liked the fact that the other ones I designed for Unmarked were simple and black and white.

He also liked the idea of the name Flawless. Because the meaning of the word is that everythings fine and nothings wrong. He didnt really like the Diamond because the diamond reminded him of diva. When I saw the diamond it made me think of the product "Finish", "The DIamond Standard". I also didn't think it was a strong logo but the word Flawless made me think of Diamonds.

Lee liked the logo for Ontrack with the train track and he said that this is the one that I should focus on developing. He said that I should play around with the layout of the logo, putting the train track in different positions. He liked the simplicity of it and the train track made him think about travelling and getting somewhere, which is what he wants the label to do.
I am also going to play around with the font types to see if there are any more that suit the logo. But I want the font to be simple and suit every genre of music.

So Far I have thought about moving the writing so that it sits along the train track. Or changing it by rotating the image and font so that its not all plain and straight.
Also I thought about adding colour to the logo. I can either do this by adding colour to the font or making the train track have colour on it. I don't know what colours to use yet, but in my questionnaire they said that yellow is the first colour to catch someones eye. I also thought that I could include music notes so that people can see that it has something to do with music straight away.

Second Meeting with Lee

Last time I had a meeting with Lee he liked the OnTrack logos because they are simple in black and white and eye catching but he wanted me to play around with the layout. I changed where the Train Track and the Words were placed.

Then I still wanted them to be black and white but I wanted them to have some depth in them so I played around with the shades of Greys to see if this looked more effective. I Think that it does.

Feedback from Lee
The first one he thought made the Train Track look more like a Ladder but it still looked like the company would go somewhere but it didn't fit with the OnTrack as well.

The Second one he said that the "T" in OnTrack was a good Idea and is something different to the others.

The Third one was my original one that I had created. He still liked this the most and this is the one that I am going to develop further.
He would like me to experiment with colours although we had discussed about the simplicity of Black&White just to see if it will made it more eye catching.
He also wants me to play around with different Fonts so it doesn't look so 'school notice board' like. He wants me to look into fonts that have straight edges to go with the theme of train tracks and to make the logo look more clinical.
But he thinks that this design will look good on t-shirts and merchandise.

These weren't done on Illustrator so the final designs I am going to do on it so that they will look more professional. I am going to focus on the types of font so that it will make it look more professional aswell.
I created my own train track instead of using one off of the internet. I then changed it to colour by making the vertical lines brown (wooden) and the horizontal lines grey (metal). Then I put a black outline around the train track so that it would make it stand out more and you can see the colours better.
I have tried changing the colour of the font to make it look more eye catching but I am finding it hard to find the right colour that doesn't clash too much and make it look unprofessional.

Final Idea for Lee
I showed Lee the final logo idea I have designed. The feedback have given me is that he likes i have kept it simple and likes the font that I have used. He said that he can see children copying the logo in the back of their school books. And this is because it is rememberable. Also Lee said that it reminds him of a country label and this is too genre specific for the company that is for all genres. He said that the logo is a bit "Undynamic". 
This is the final logo idea that I gave Lee.  I added colour on the train track to make it more interesting than black and white. I changed them to the colours that it should be in real life. I changed the font style and then changed the colour of the font to a grey colour. I did try blue and green but it still didn't look right so I kept it to simple colours. I chose to put a thick border around the font so that if it was on a lighter or memory stick you would still be able to see what the writing says.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Target Audience - Advertising Penwith College

What is a target audience?
"A target audience is a specific group of people that the marketing message is aimed at".

The demographics of Target Audience
A target audience can be people of a certain age group, gender, etc. for example: teenagers, females, single people. There are different age genders that company's aim at such as pre teens, midteens, olderteens, preschoolers. It is hard to get your product to catch every ones eye as everyone is different to one another.

There are 5 main demographics for Target Audience:
1. Age, Sex and Ethnic Background.
2. Marital Status.
3. Occupation and Income.
4. Geographic Locations.
5. Technological Expertise

Our client is Martin Tucker the Director of Penwith College. We need to use photography to produce of the students looking happy and graphic design to produce the Postcards. I also need to use video as well to create our webisodes and Finally we need audio to use in the Webisodes. We have already looked at existing material such as prospectus' and how they relate to the target audience.
Our target audience that we are targeting is 14+. There is several groups of people in our target audience as there are the students that have just come from school having sat their GCSE's, there is then the people that have been away from education and want to get more qualifications. These people are usually single parents that have given up their education to raise there children. Or it can also be for adults that didn't get very good grades that can get the grades that they wanted to before.

1. Age, Sex, Ethnic Background is a very important part of our target audience. The ages we are targeting is 14 - 28. It is also aimed at male and female as Penwith College is a college for Females and Males. The ethnic background doesn't matter in this either as Penwith college will accept any ethnic background.
2. Marital Status isn't very important in this case as our target audience is younger.
3. Occupation and Income isn't as vital for our Webisodes but if we were producing something that someone would have to buy it would be more important as we would need to aim it at people who would have the money to buy the product.
4. Geographical Locations is important as well as it depends on what area you are in to depend on what signal strength. This could be for the T.V or the Internet. Also because most of our target audience is teenagers they will most probably be living at home this means that they would have things like Internet that they might not be able to afford if they were living on their own.
5. Technological Expertise is a big factor in the Webisodes as they are going to be put on YouTube. We are going to put it on here as the target audience spend a lot of time on the Internet and they will know how to get to them to watch them.

The younger generation of today is like a "YouTube Generation" as most teenagers have been on Youtube. We can use it for helping us with work, listening to music or just watch videos for fun/entertainment. They can also be put as "Ipod Generation" as most teenagers will own an Ipod and will listen to music in many different places, like walking or on the bus. With using Ipods you are able to just download a particular song and not the whole album. Also if you get bored of listening to the same songs in the same order you can put it on shuffle. This shows that technology has developed as you wouldn't have been able to do this when Cd's were the top technology. It is really important for the target audience as they use the internet so socializing and keeping in touch with their friends.Technology is more entwined in our lives now than it was before. For example if you miss your favorite program on the telly your are able to go online and watch it on website such as Demand Five, 4oD, iPlayer and ITV Player.
These websites show the development of Technology over a period of time because if this was a couple of years ago this wouldnt be around and people would be recording the programs they wanted to watch on a tapes.

Demand Five is for the channel FIVE so you
 can catch up with any programs that are on FIVE.

4oD is a Channel for E4 so you can catch up with
any programmes that you may have missed on E4.

iPlayer is for the channel BBC so you can catch up on
all the programmes that you are abel to watch on the channel.

itv Player is for all the channels ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and
ITV 4 so that you are able to watch the programmes that
are on the channel that you have missed or would like to
watch again.

Pitching ideas to Martin Tucker - Advertising Penwith College

The Feedback Hayley and I got back from the meeting with Martin Tucker was that he liked the idea of the Postcard the most and wants us to develop this idea further. He said that a group did this idea last year so he expects them to be good. He also said that we need to make them as eye catching as possible so we need photos of students enjoying their course and make sure that we have a lot of colours to make it stand out. He wants them to have quotes from students as well so that people who are looking at them have an idea of what the course is like.

The idea he liked as well was the webisodes. This was because it is something new and is a great way to reach out to the target audience. Although he wants us to concentrate on the postcards he would still like us to hep with the Webisodes and do the subjects and buildings we were going to do. He would like us to get interesting shots and angles and show as much of the buildings off as possible.

The idea of posters didn't appeal to him as much as they have been done before. And the idea of the postcard being able to take them away and read about was better than the posters that have to stay in one place. He said that we could easily make the postcards into posters if we had to as they have the same layout.

So at the end of the meeting Hayley and I have been asked to create postcards for each course and still do our part in the webisodes idea.

Proposal - Advertising Penwith College.

Our first idea is to create posters. We are going to make posters for most of the vocational courses and the new ones such as Motor Vehicle. Most people know what A-Levels there are at the college but not the variety of other courses such as diplomas. We are going to use photos of students that are doing the courses so that people get a view of what the course would involve. We need to appeal to the target audience so we can choose students for the photos that are the same age as the target audience. We are going to include the Penwith College logo a reasonable size so that people can immediately see what the poster is about. Also they are going to include the information you need to know exactly what the course is like and you will need to do.

Our second idea is to create postcards. This will have the same information as the posters but being a postacard they are smaller and can be taken home or shown to other people.

Our 3rd idea is the group idea that we can up with together. It is creating webisodes that will advertise different courses in Penwith College. We have thought about the target audience and it shouldn't be too long or people with a short attention span will switch off. 1minute was too long and 30secs we felt was too short so the clips are going to be around 45seconds long which is in the middle. We are going to have short clips and each one is about a different vocational courses: Hair and Beauty, Media/Photography, Catering, Art, Science, Music, Motor Vehicle, Drama/Dance, Sport. We are going to create one about the campus and the new buildings such as Zennor, Nanjizal, Penberth, The Manor, Porthcurno and Gwenvor. This idea is a good way of reaching the target audience as most people go on YouTube to listen to music or to research something. And these little clips can be put on YouTube. The ones that Hayley and I are going to shoot are Art, Drama and Dance, Health and Social and the buildings Zennor ad Porthcurno. These are the two biggest buildings and we are going to try and fit in as much about the building as possible.

We have thought about the target audience and it shouldn't be too long or people with a short attention span will switch off. 1 minute was too long and 30 seconds we felt was too short so the clips are going to be around 45 seconds which will be in the middle.

The Budget for our Postcards and the Webisodes isn't going to be that expensive as we have pretty much all the things we need already.
The Webisodes aren't going to cost anything to make as we have all the equipment we need here. The only thing we are going to have to buy is the tape that will cost around £1.50. 
I think that the budget for the postcard is going to be more expensive as it will use up a lot of printing credits. At the moment we don't know the amount of copies if the postcards we need. But in total we will need a number of copy's for each subject.

1st Meeting with Martin Tucker - Advertising Penwith College

Today we had a meeting with the Head of Penwith College Martin Tucker in the Lecture Theater.

These are the notes that I have taken during it:
The product isn't just for 16 year olds, it needs to target everyone in the college including post 19's and adults.
It would help to include pupils perspectives of the college and the teachers as well as they are the ones that have the experience of being part of the college. Also interview past students and ask the, how much it has changed and what the think about the new build compared to what it was like when they were here. "If you want an honest opinion, speak to the students".
We need to convince people from the feeder schools but also want people to come from Mullion, Camborne, Helston as well. And if not Penwith then Truro.
We need to include the campus, courses on offer and students experiences.
Budget - £? Martin is going to talk to Harvey about the budget that we can use. Think sensibly, don't go crazy with money, come forward with a price.

Ideas - Advertising Penwith College

We have been given a brief by Martin Tucker (Director of Penwith College) to "Create multi-media promotional materials for the opening of the new campus".

"Financial losses incurred by companies, as well as profits will be real ones"
this puts quite a bit of pressure on us but I think that its good because it makes more realistic to what it would be if we were doing this as a job in the future.

We are going to have a meeting with Martin Tucker soon so we can discuss what he wants us to do and if he has any ideas that he wants developing.

The first thing that came into my mind when someone says promotional materials is posters. They catch peoples eyes and able to be put in many different places (with permission). Another way of advertising that can be quite effective as they can be worn about anywhere and at whatever time are t-shirts with slogans or logos on them. I like this idea because t-shirts can be worn about anywhere...for example some one could see someone wearing a t-shirt down an isle and posters aren't able to be put up.
Other ideas for advertising that were discussed were:
  • Documentary videos
  • Radio Jingles
  • School Talks
  • Leaflets/Postcards/Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Bookmarks
  • Memory Sticks
Another idea was using different disciplines together....for example we could use dance and media or media and music.

We have to think of 3 ways of promoting Penwith college. I am working with Hayley for this project.
  • So far we have come up with an idea of creating posters, flyers, leaflets and postcards. The posters should include the college Logo, bold font, pictures that catch the eye, colour. We could stick them in the schools and also in shop windows that post 16 students that will go in. And also other shops that adults will go in so that we are covering the target audience.
  • Another way we could promote the college is by creating a promotional video about the college. It can include interview with Lectures, Students and Past Student and how much the college has changed. You can also include a tour of the new buildings/campus but then edited it so that its faster, the courses that are available to do here (include a wide range for subjects to entice more people to come to Penwith College.
  • The 3rd way we could advertise the college is by going into the feeder schools and talking to them about the college and include the things you would put into the video and the posters and flyers so that you try and influence them. You don't want to overload them with information so that they switch off. You need to make it fun and interesting so that you keep their attention as much as possible. Also if it was intractable then this may also help.
We have come up with an idea of working as a big group. We brought all of our ideas together and have thought about making webisodes. We have thought about the target audience and it shouldn't be too long or people with a short attention span will switch off. 1minute was too long and 30secs we felt was too short so the clips are going to be around 45seconds long which is in the middle. We are going to have short clips and each one is about a different aspect of the college, these being:
  • Hair and beauty
  • Media / photography
  • Catering
  • Art
  • Science / forensics
  • Music
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Drama / Dance
  • Sport
  • Campus
For each of these we are going to include:
  • Hair and Beauty : hair, nails, massage?, facials.
  • Media / Photography : film process, darkroom process - portfolio
  • Catering : cakes, savoury, chopping garlic, film a cake rising in the oven.
  • Art : 3D, Mono-printing
  • Science : Lab experiments, CSI.
  • Music : music process, music instruments, Logic.
  • Motor Vehicle : maintenance.
  • Drama / Dance : acting, dance routine.
  • Sport : gym, stretching, outdoor sport - rugby & football.
  • Campus : new buildings - Zennor, Nanjizal, Penberth, The Manor, Porthcurno, Gwenvor, Sennon.
We then split the sections up between us so that we each had 3 to film.
  • Hair and beauty - Barnaby, Liam, Tom
  • Media / photography - Group
  • Catering - Sam, Naomi
  • Art - Gemma, Hayley
  • Science / forensics - Sam, Naomi
  • Music - Barnaby, Liam, Tom
  • Motor Vehicle - Sam, Naomi
  • Drama / Dance - Gemma, Hayley
  • Sport - Barnaby, Liam, Tom
  • Campus -group, Hayley, Gemma - Zennor and Porthcurno.
For the ones Hayley and I are going to do we our going to storyboard them so we know exactly what we are going to do when we get there to film it.

Questionnaire - Advertising Penwith College

There is going to be an Access Student and a Degree Student come in and talk to us about the college and the courses that are available that not many know about.
I am going to think of some questions to ask them when they come in.
1. Why did you want to come back to college?
2. What made you choose this college over the other colleges in Cornwall?
3. What course are you doing?
4. What made you choose the course?
5. What do you think about you having your own building to study in that's away from the rest of the college?
6. What would you like to do after you have finished your course you are doing at the moment?

We have had the interview with the students. 
The first student we talked to was doing a Access 2 Health and Social Care course. She did the course at Penwith College because she came here when she was 16 to re-sit her GCSE's. She also said that the college has changed a lot since then and we are lucky to have all equipment that have have now as there was nothing like this when she was here. After she has finished the course she would like to go on to teaching. This course is good to this goal as she needs English, science and early years and she would like to teach college student. The course is also attractive to those who would like to be a nurse and the biology in the course really helps. There is a good price on fees to get into the access course compare to other colleges and it offers a lot. All together the course includes Biology, Maths, Physcology, English, sociology and is really intense.

The second student we talked to was doing a foundation degree in Community and Youth work.
She decided to go to the college as it was local and the new buildings appealed to her. Penwith college is a positive place and is nice that its a local community like a big family.
The course is "Great", the staff are very supportive and the college has resources that are really helpful. Her children are now at the secondary school so she can come back and the course is at the same times that they are at school so she doesn't miss out on anytime with them. But she had to wait for them to be that age as she is a single mum and doesn't have any support from family as they don't live near enough. Her initial thought was that she wasn't going to enjoy the course that much but now she really likes it and likes it more than she thought she would.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Research - Advertising Penwith College

Existing promotional material for Penwith College.

Penwith college and Truro college have several ways of advertising the college. The one that most people would see is the advertisements on the side of First buses. These buses go pretty much everywhere in Cornwall and are the buses that take college students to and from college. The other ways that they advertise the college is their prospectus'.
We looked at prospectus' from 2003 to 2010 and 2011 ones, the ones in 2003 look like they should be for  primary school. They have really simple colours and it doesn't contain much information and the information It does contain is written like its a 10 year old. There are some poor photos that have been hand drawn. It really doesn't appeal to the target audience its supposed to.
The next one I looked at did have photos of students doing different activities such as kyacking and music. The font is a decent style but they're still writing as if the target audience is primary school children.
We then compared these to the new prospectus' from 2010 and 2011. These look so much better and look a lot more professional. It has a lot more information about the college and and a very in-detail descriptions of the courses available. The photos don't look very natural and look as if the student have been told to pose like that. But they do look like they are happy and are enjoying college. The font is easy to read but the photos on the front attract your attention away from the title on the front cover. The theme / background is continued throughout the prospectus. 

The first logo is the logo that is found on the older prospectus'.I don't think that it is right for the target audience as it looks like it should be for 30+ years.
The second logo is the logo that is now the newer prospectus'. I think that this one is more eye catching and interesting. It still has the same idea as the first one but has been adapted to go with the years. The blue is the same colour as the prospectus'. Also Truro college is green while Penwith is a greeny blue (turquoise). I think this is good as it shows that we are joined but still gives the college its own identity.